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080825 We Are Gaining Momentum, At Last!

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I remain in awe of the Great Power that orchestrates Life and all in it. What began on 1 June 2008 as a relaxed, informal, chat between some relatively new and other brand new friends has since astonishingly evolved into a great meeting of minds, talents, dreams and visions. A deep soul project that I am sure will take us all on an amazing journey. Serendipity??!! Co-incidence??!! Chance??!! Out of the blue??!! All words that have taken on a new meaning. I have sensed and known for many years that there was something BIG out there waiting to happen, that inexplicable "bubbling up" in my solar plexus (the place where Spirit resides) that carries with it an extreme sense of anticipation. Yet it still amazes me that each and every occurrence of our lives, even down to the mundane, are pre-destined. Nothing is a co-incidence - we are meant to meet the people we meet, even if for just a while, and then to move on, sometimes heartbreakingly so; to experience all the highs and lows of life; to touch fear, to brush with death, to fly in ecstasy, to just breathe, all in order to fulfil a particular purpose. To rest in the knowledge that life is unfolding as it should, this is the messenger of peace. And so we begin our journey together.......thank you that you chose to be a part of this.

What is your take away from this? I would love to hear! Please share in comments

Mine is ~ nothing is random!

Much Love

Keep Shining!


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