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080905 Thought for the Day

Cooking is like love - it should be entered into with total abandon or not at all!

This original blog post from 2008 was prophetic!! It was just a quote I shared about our love for food accompanied by a great image of bread making from Moreson Estate's restaurant.

Today in 2022 I spruce it up with a new image ~ my amazing daughter Raine's book which describes everything we believe about eating with love!

We are a foodie family. Preparing scrumptious meals that express our love of Life and each other is in our blood. When I was still married and with young children, we had monthly dinners for 30+ years with best friends ~ the only rule was nothing could be repeated unless by serious demand!

Every day meals were always made with joy and sharing in the kitchen around wine and stimulating conversation. The father of my children is a great chef, no doubt learnt from his Mom who was as accomplished. Her sister wrote one of the iconic South African recipe books of the 50s & 60s. My daughter is a qualified chef who has blazed a path in holistic lifestyle, with a published recipe book you just have to own!! Beautiful photography, most delicious meals and so much more! And my son will be fondly remembered for creating out of this world curries & chilli sauces, from spices he would grind fresh, always experimenting and searching for that next amazing flavour!

I love to experience other cultures and prefer to eat with the locals when I am travelling. There is very little that I will not try!

What are your favourites meals to celebrate life?

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