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080917 What an Experience!!

Having completed the sketch of Micha'el last night, I tackled the painting today. It was a profound experience. Not only because this project was divinely inspired, but painting outdoors with the wind whipping through my hair, a glass of red wine at my elbow, Rupa and the April Fish enchanting me through the speakers and this beautiful celestial being coming to life before my very eyes...what more could a girl want?? Everything just came together in a stunning orchestration of life, love and light. No words can truly describe what we touched today - it was an emotional time and I believe no-one who sees Micha'el will not be similarly touched. Thanks to this special family for their support - I am truly blessed!!

Will post photos as soon as I have sorted out the bug that prevents me from seeing the "add image" icon??!! Any help pse??

Oh yes, one small, last thing - one cannot use one's finger to work paint in on a rough concrete wall - it removes one's skin almost to the flesh - duhhh!!!!

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