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081006 A Most Wondrous, Magical Moment....

I had a very beautiful encounter today. Started my newest mural project, painting Hannah Montana on a little girl's wall and butterflies, bees, dragonflies and other lovely "goggas" (South African for insect) on a her baby sister's wall. As I finished the rough sketch, I noticed a buzzing in the room. I was surrounded by about 12 bees who seemed to be checking out what I had created. I love these industrious workers so didn't panic. But how to get them out - there were plenty more outside so I had to close the door. I went to grab a glass of water and by the time I returned there were many more in the room!! And then I just felt the guidance to start humming/singing in a rather high pitched tone and called them to me - here's the magic, the wondrous thing - slowly, but surely, one by one, the bees came to the window where I stood and allowed me to let them took a while, but I was enraptured by the incredible connection I made with them. Weird??? For sure!!!! But a stunning experience!

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