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081006 It's Happening at an Ever Increasing Pace

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Last month I posted a Cree Indian saying reflecting their wisdom on how precious our planet and her resources are. Sadly the greed is right on my doorstep in a most tangible way...there are plans underway to start excavating a quarry in Hennops River Valley - one of the most beautiful areas in this province, imbued with awesome energies, steeped in ancient mysticism and spirituality. Most of the area is a conservancy - how this can even be considered is beyond my comprehension. Some dedicated stalwarts in our peaceful Valley are campaigning to put an immediate stop to this lunacy - please add your voice by emailing me -

This cannot be allowed to happen - GROUP consciousness WILL make a difference.

Light and love to you all

for more info on our Valley visit

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