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081012 Interesting Reading iro Current Global Financial Status ~ Transforming Your Economic Cycle

People clearly are losing faith in the various denominations of money and their financial institutions. In this let us instead look towards gaining a greater faith in the Divine Spirit and an understanding that as transition takes place, all levels of change are affected. The time can be used by each of us to encourage study group members and friends to look beyond the clouds of uncertainty for answers to life that will come through their own higher planning. This means using the LIVING POWER of cosmic consciousness and creativity—rather than remaining shackled to another chapter of in-debt slavery to the modern pharaohs of economic pyramid building. It is the false pyramid-building schemes that are now falling apart.

Let us select for ourselves higher investments of life. Vast emotional energy loss and agony can be averted personally and globally if we can use this energy for higher breakthroughs of understanding the realignment of humanity with a much higher source of power–the true Divine. Of course, we all need to be practically prepared for the changes. On a global scale, new energy breakthroughs can bring about a positive global transformation.

The first thing, therefore, is to THINK POSITIVELY knowing the ups and downs of history are managed successfully by those who see and create positive, humanitarian options.

Second, be realistic and don’t try any ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Set aside the economics you need to survive and PLACE YOUR MONEY IN A SAFE PLACE, whether you see that as a FDIC insured bank or some other type of environment.

Third, stop the debt on credit cards and DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH BORROWING MONEY from friends and loved ones. Emergencies will arise in the future where you will need their support then, so don’t take advantage now. Prepare yourself! Try to grow a small vegetable garden that you or a friend can cultivate together. If you live in a city try sprouts and smaller plants, understanding that costs of food and transportation will continue to accelerate, so look for alternative cars, share rides, or even get a bicycle.

Your spiritual family will be there for you but you have to CULTIVATE SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS with respect and understanding, now. Also locate a few close friends or relatives in rural areas where you can go for security in case of failure of the urban infrastructure due to economic fallout.

And above all cultivate strong weekly PRAYER GATHERINGS WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE who know how to pray and who can help mobilize higher insights and collective planning that will be less costly if emergencies develop in your community.

And importantly, WORK TO MITIGATE FEAR, knowing you are on the winning side of life.

Remember, you are the new frontier. Value who you are! The task before us requires that we focus more courage and work in conjunction with the Divine within and without and to use inspired Knowledge and the Sacred Names (the spiritual food) which goes with the physical food of sustainable planning. This should be done as a daily exercise with music as it builds up the physical-mental-spiritual body.

Everyone wants to know: What’s next? Changes are upon us, but exactly how rapidly and severe they take place is based on the consciousness of the species. We all have free will! We now need to simply watch for further warning signs, to determine whether we will further move towards greed and avarice or more towards fellowship and unity. That will determine the next global and personal steps that we should take for humanity.

In the blessed work of the Divine Names, please continue your prayers,

Prof. Dr. J.J. Hurtak and Dr. D.E. Hurtak

(as posted to "Keys of Enoch" group on Facebook)

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