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081015 I Cannot Pull Myself Away

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Well, here I am hours away from having to leave the farm. It's been sheer joy for me to take some time out for myself....self indulgence, solitary choice. What more could a girl ask??!! Yesterday I had a chat with my darling friend Carina and we commented on how most people are unable to be totally alone, even for a short time. Is it fear of having to face yourself? To acknowledge the things within you that hurt, that are inconceivable, that you cannot live with? Is it fear of your dark side, the night, being alone, attack (which is a very real thing here in South Africa where violent crimes are a day to day reality). I love being alone... I enjoy my own company! I have no fear whatsoever. For me there are 2 emotions that drive and fear. More love = less fear. This has a parallel in the Native American tale which I am sure most of you have heard...the 2 wolves that battle within each of us...good and bad (love and fear)...which one wins?? The one you feed.

This has been a time of great healing, peace, joy, inner reflection, planning and purpose....THANK YOU CARINA... I'll be back!

Here are some pics of this beautiful place.

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