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081015 I Touched Nature

Into the 4th day of my soul retreat and I am having an absolute blast!! I haven't done one of these for about 4 years and just realise again how important it is. I cannot wait for our farm so that we can offer the same kind of deep healing to's vital.

The wind has been howling for 2 days....last night was full there's a combination of 2 of my most favourite energies in nature. I grabbed a duvet and pillow and headed outside. What a totally awesome blessing it is to be able to lie under the stars, feel the chill wind on your face whilst wrapped up snug and warm....I looked out over the dam to a veld fire on the neighbouring farm..that was a sight, especially watching as the wind picked up...but I could hear voices so knew it was a controlled burn. The clouds were stunning, racing across the moon, which bathed me in her gentle light..... the haunting call of a few jackals out on the prowl just rounded off a perfect encounter with Earth.

I am blessed beyond measure.....

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