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081015 My Sacred Djembe

Isn't she beautiful?? OK OK.....I know some of you will argue that ALL djembe's are sacred....but this one has very deep, special significance for me...I made it myself, from scratch, angle~grinded it into the correct shape, decorated it with porcupine quills and gemstones and then painted it...the awesomeness is that just a few days after I started the project I had a vivid dream of what to paint on it...I have been holding onto that vision for a while but thanks to total peace and quiet I have been able to finish the artwork whilst here on the farm...its been about 7 weeks since I started so I have a real sense of accomplishment. Now Piet must show me how to do the roping and skinning and I'm done. It's bit lop-sided, but hey, so am I!!

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