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090806 Fairy Dust … Dog Bones … Attitude To Life

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I spent an interesting evening in the company of 2 special friends and a whole bunch of other people that were quite an eclectic bunch. It was one of those networking meetings with a feminine touch. Lots of good stuff (like a delish meal and some rather zjujz designer clothing), but as I sat at our table of 10 I heard so much negative comment, mindless, superficial bull#@&% that I could but smile. And then my heart went out to the women who had this rather sad outlook on almost everything as I heard stories of ill health, cancers, despondency....and yet again it just reinforced in me how important our attitudes are.

I once read of a perfectly healthy, happy woman, who after 15 years of a great marriage, had the foundations of her life torn from her when her husband left her most unexpectedly. Within 6 months her grief, bitterness and anger manifested as cancer and within 2 years she lost her battle.

Feelings of hatred and anger, other such intense negative emotions play havoc within us. They are a curved sword that cuts us to the bone...they poison our bodies, minds, souls and spirits, whilst the one at whom they are directed is oft times blissfully unaware of the pain they have caused.

When you feel the urge to use energy on a wasted negative emotion, pause for a moment, consider if the consequences are worth it and turn it around into a gentle, beautiful thought that lights a spark of hope and happiness within you.

And so 3 friends laughed at fairy dust, dog bones and life.....and sent out prayers for joy to overflow in the lives of all.

image source unknown ~ if you are the creator please let me know!

What is your take away from this? I would love to hear! Please share in comments

Mine is ~ unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other one to die!

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