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111008 YAY!!! I'm Not Crazy!!

When I was in France in January of 2011, in a lovely little village called Salles, working as a volunteer on Fitz & Ann's small farm, I began "hearing" a certain sound. It was only my 2nd night there so I reckoned it must be a farming activity at the neighbour, or possibly a quarry and left it at that. However in the next few days, the "hum" became more intense and I struggled to identify where it was coming from. I asked my hosts if they heard it but, being more pragmatic and less inclined to spiritual/supernatural things, they didn't pay much store to me and my things!!

Whilst not a negative or disturbing experience, I was intrigued. I became more so when I went to another village about 80kms away and found that the sound had followed me. Even more so when I "took" it with to Lisboa and ultimately back to South Africa. I must admit even though I have heard it here quite often, the intensity is not as much as in Europe.

I discussed this on a forum while I was still in France and had some interesting responses. The sound of angels, the vibration of the Inner Earth, Gaia's heartbeat and more. Not many people had experienced the "hum" but many felt it to be a spiritual phenomenon. I have had my fair share of unexplained, supernatural encounters so I was not freaked out, but rather just surrendered it and trusted that I would receive whatever information I needed to understand and process it.

I haven't heard the hum in a few weeks and had sort of put it out of my mind...and then today I came across a vid that shared how the phenomenon is increasing...there are even support groups as many people are negatively affected by it, its intensity driving them dilly.

So if there are any other Taos Hum Hearers out there, I would love to hear from you. For those that think we have lost it, read more here......and hey, maybe we are crazy!!!

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