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191018 Any Takers to Join Me in a Rain Dance?

This is how Spirit works with me!! And I have to give a wry smile … again!!

I was going to just post this comment on Facebook “any takers to join me in a rain dance ceremony” with an image or 2 to add some punch. That led me to follow some crumbs until I arrived at a lovely homage to rainmaking at and I felt to blog!

We are experiencing the worst drought in many years. Some nights I look up to the stars and I see the promise of beautiful clouds, their lead colour indicative of being laden with water. I ask “please pour down on us, we thirst and we suffer”. But nothing! By morning they have dissipated and the earth and all on it remain dry and parched. My heart breaks for the suffering of the animals and the plants.

I feel in my Spirit that water is denied us because of our gross neglect and disrespect of this precious element. We truly WILL die without water, that's a given. I have blogged before on Rain, drought and respect for Water, and today I do it again. How we can we expect Mother Father God to bless us when we so unconsciously just throw all our crap into rivers. People live in poverty in so many places in South Africa, rural and urban. Sadly so many on river banks think nothing of disposing of all their waste, from plastics, to glass, to shit, all manner of rubbish, into the very gift that gives them life. How disconnected have we become? It disgusts me. And I know full well I also contribute, even though I don't throw my rubbish out of my car, or into a river to be washed away to where I can no longer see it, or pile it up under the bridges in the city, but I do still use a flushing toilet – I wish I could do otherwise but for now it is where I am at. I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you!

So enough rant!! The article on upliftconnect, says it all perfectly. I invite you – join me in ceremony, to honour our Creation, to come with contrite hearts, asking to be shown a better way to BE. Let this cry ripple out to all the Earth, the conscious, the Walking Dead, to all Life. Heal and restore our Mother, let it pour down, show us the Way Home, please!

Much Love & Keep Shining



photo credits on each pic, or from upliftconnect, or unknown

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