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230814 This Hue~Man Emerges From the Chrysalis

Can you forgive me? Instead of leaning into you, I pushed you away and that was unkind .. I went to bed last night realising the existential crisis is within me too and woke up this morning knowing that I have just been reborn, again and it was messy .. you know, when a mother gives that final push for the baby to crown, she wants everyone to just get the heck out of the way, well that was me giving birth to myself. Pushing through the membrane into the new Spiral, eishwe!

I am also learning to trust again, having been a lone wolf for so very long. Perhaps it will be easier once we are physically together, perhaps it will be even more challenging ~ either way I am looking forward to a Bright New Future

Even my Higher Self was giving me clues ~ look at these photos of my lunch yesterday!! I was pretty focussed on it, watching the oil, vinegar and beetroot juice move and create new flow ~ see the placenta??!! An even a photo of a tree from the day before??!!

That’s pretty wild when I look at it today! Now I go to clean up the blood, sweat and tears and wrap myself in a receiving blanket. I have not read your emails yet, will get to them in the right time. There is still the important Flight tonight and I need to test my new Wings, plus another full day. All I know is that I have left behind almost everything I thought I knew, the pieces remaining being my irrefutable Truth & Gnosis

When I was looking for images to reflect my state I found this good article

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