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190702 Regenesis Reborn

I started blogging in 2008. At the time is wasn't the in thing for everyone to have a platform that combined all their social media. But here I am and today I am moving over to this space for my blogging.

I have 2 main driving forces behind my journalling/blogging ~ as I have said before, we all have a beautiful story to share, and being a natural born Storyteller, I know that some of my life's experiences have inspired, encouraged and soothed others. Almost everyone says "you should write a book"! Secondly I wish to leave a legacy to my precious children ~ even now as I type I hear my son & daughter saying "Come ON Ma, just do it!"

Update on 230314 ~ I AM a 3rd generation writer. My darling Mom wrote short stories in English and Afrikaans for magazines and the local newspaper. More dear to me is that my precious grandson, now 11, started writing his first book when he was just 5 or 6, dictating to his Mom or I and illustrating himself! Yesterday I asked him if he knew he was a 4th generation writer ~ we had a lively discussion around the question of what constitutes a "published author". His Creative Writing teacher believes he will publish a book before he completes his high school career! I agree! So Gav if you are reading this, here are the chapters of my Life!!

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