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Cosmic Code


One of 400+ Codes downloaded to Leone, The Cosmic Scribe. Created from images revealed mostly in DreamTime, rendered on card with gel pens.


Every dot, jot, glyph, geometry, colour, every aspect of the Code contains a Key. These Codes bring a powerful Alchemy which has potential to shift and transmute. All that is required is for you to tap into the Energies, to work from the Sacred Heart for the Highest Good of All Life.


Keep on your mobile device, as a background on your laptop, printed and placed around your home, under your water jug, as your Spirit guides you. Understanding with the 3D mind is not a pre~requisite, in fact a willingness to “go beyond” will bring the MAGIc into your world.


How to use this Code


Go into your High Heart Space ~ Still your mind

Gently connect with the energy of the Code ~ Trust that what you need will be revealed to you

Keep the Code in a place where you can meditate on it daily

Use on your laptop or mobile as wallpaper until you feel you have integrated all that the Code is bringing to you


If you found healing, encouragement, shifting from this Code

please consider sharing with your family & friends!



171222 Heal Our Water

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