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About Leone

"Come to the edge" he said."No! We are afraid" "Come to the edge" They came. He pushed them. They flew
~ Guillaume Apollinaire 19th Cent French Poet & Art Critic

In this incarnation I AM a Mother, Ouma, Quantum Alchemist, Scribe, Co-Creator, Truth Seeker establishing the Divine Plan. I live in Africa and Africa lives in me!


From when I was a little girl, I was always aware of energies outside of our physical realm. Matters of the Spirit always fascinated me, what one may call supernatural or paranormal. As a child when my contempories were reading Enid Blyton, I had my nose in UFO and paranormal books and magazines and was reading Carl Sagan and Erich von Daniken. Over the last decade or two, I have come to see that these things are not so "paranormal".  In my reality they are quite normal!


I was blessed to grow up in the most loving home, with 3 brothers who were much older than me and wonderful parents. My mother was a "sensitive" whose gifts were to an extent "shut down" as a result of the restrictive religious influences of the day. I am so grateful that she never dismissed my experiences and imagination, but allowed me to BE who I was. I would forage for herbs in the garden, make concoctions and soups from them. As a 4 year old I tried to bring a bird back to life. He was clearly dead but I gave it my all to see him breathe again. I experienced my Mom using the power of energy to "clear" things away, to heal and to comfort. I believe she received this gift from her father who, as a farmer, a gentle spiritual soul, was very much in touch with the Earth and his beloved animals. I recognise now that we are a lineage of Shamans, although growing up I had no notion of this term. I just BE!

In my life I have experienced the extremes of emotion, great joy and exuberance, as well as the deepest pain and despair. I have gone through a number of "Dark Nights of the Soul". Two were before I was consciously aware and awakened to my Multi-Dimensional Self, so they were in particular hard to overcome. One of these was the key to my Spiritual Emergence. Through it all Spirit has been with me, guiding, supporting, admonishing, loving me to become the latest and best version of my Self. One such experience had the potential to utterly destroy me, but I chose to rise above it, I chose to turn a potential devastation into a stupendous victory and an opening of my entire BEing to All That Is. In his physical death, my beautiful son's transition from this Realm of Being has been one of my greatest teachers. All these experiences, the "good" and the "bad" have given me great compassion, empathy and understanding of the human condition and are my gift to those who seek me out to walk a way with them.


One of my strengths is relationships with people. I have a heart to see individuals realise their full potential and find healing on all levels. Through Quantum Alchemy and Multi-Dimensional Therapy, which may include BQH, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Counselling, Soul Retrieval, I will midwife you on your journey to Self. I will guide you to Unveil the Mystery Within.  We each have a Divine Soul's Mission for our embodiment on this planet, Mother Gaia. You may or may not be aware of what your mission is, but when you do become fully aware and align yourself with it, there is an indescribable peace and joy. As you explore these new landscapes, you will see expansion in your Heart, Mind and Spirit which will ripple out to beyond your own Sphere. And so we dream and build a New World into BEing.


On a more personal note, I AM passionate about family, travel, photography, other cultures, spiritual growth. My amazing daughter and her most precious Crystal Child son make my life a true blessing.  I enjoy blogging about my experiences and have a soon to be published book (or maybe movie!!) in the making!


I have no doubt in my mind that we are not humans having a spirit experience but rather Spirit enjoying a "pin-prick in time" human embodiment in order to evolve, to grow, to learn, to heal and shift whatever is holding us back from becoming the very best version of ourselves.


I'm thrilled to be a part of this amazing journey!! This is my Sacred work and it is my heartfelt trust is that these gifts will assist you in every way, for your highest good and that of all BEings!

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