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Visual Light Language for Transformation

“Sacred Geometry charts the unfolding of number in space. It differs from mundane geometry purely in the sense that the moves and concepts involved are regarded as having symbolic value, and thus, like good music, facilitate the evolution of the soul.”  ~ Miranda Lundy ~ Sacred Geometry


trans·​duce | \ tran(t)s-ˈdüs

, tranz-, -ˈdyüs\

1 : to convert (something, such as energy or a message) into another form ~ essentially sense organs transduce physical energy into a nervous signal

2 : to cause (genetic material) to undergo transduction

The Cosmic Codes I receive are a visual representation of Sacred Light Language. I have been consciously scribing since August 2017, although my journey to that point spans lifetimes!

I am thrilled, honoured and humbled to be in Inter-Planetary service to all Humanity and Our Earth.

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