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My Approach

Together, let's take hands and walk each other home

My Spiritual Emergence occurred in the mid 1980s, almost in alignment with what is known as the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  This was pre-Internet, pre-Google, pre any form of social media.  The resources to understand what was happening to me were limited to traditional libraries and my own seeking.  It was challenging as I had no idea what these inexplicable and strange symptoms were.  Had I been less in touch with myself, less aware of realms beyond the physical, I may have found myself in the dismal place of gloom & doom, misunderstood and labelled as crazy.  But I was determined to conquer what seemed at the time to be a destructive experience.

This was the second of what I have come to learn of as a "Dark Night of the Soul".  This experience, the death of old self and the rebirth of the luminous Self is well understood in indigenous cultures, but mostly quite baffling to "modern" medicine and health practitioners. I have since had another 3 but my perspective on what this is and how to move through it with more grace has changed with time. So many have experienced this and find themselves floundering in a very scary, stormy sea with no life raft or even an oar.  Western culture is often ill-equipped to guide such a person through the trauma of Shamanic Death into wholeness.

After many months of being completely debilitated, basically bed-ridden with an allopathic diagnosis of "never again leading a normal life", I slowly, with the support of my loved ones and the guidance of Great Spirit, was able to pull myself up.  As painful and frightening as this experience was, it empowered me in ways that have held me high in all the challenges that followed.  I was forged in the Crucible of Life and for that I am grateful.  


This has given me the gift to understand a full spectrum of emotions, to be compassionate to others whatever they are going through, to trust explicitly in my Creator and in the Inner Compass that has been honed to a perfectly tuned instrument.  These gifts are what I bring as I assist you to find your own answers within.

I can offer support for the following ~


Grief, Loss, or Bereavement


Anxiety and Phobias

Relationship Difficulties

Life Transitions

Difficulties with Self-Esteem

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sexual Abuse

Other Issues that hold you back from BEing the very best version of YOU!

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