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Shamanic Energy Medicine

The Shaman is a spiritual shuttle between three realms of existence: Heaven, Mankind and Earth. He pierces through inter-dimensional veils in order to heal the parts and unite the whole  ~  Lada Ray

In indigenous cultures the Shaman, Medicine Wo/Man, Wise One is respected for the ability to journey to non-ordinary reality states to bring healing, problem solving and awareness to the tribe.

From when I was a child I have always been sensitive to the energies and vibrations of people and places. I have been gifted with Claircognisance, Clairsentience, Clairempathy and Clairaudience. As a Shamanic Practitioner I am able to enter this other reality which allows me to connect with, see, feel and understand the layers that make up the Human Energy Field. However as we expand our consciousness and come to a greater understanding of the complexity of our BEing, there is so much more ~ the diagram will best explain this.

(image courtesy Barbara Ann Brennan)

To explain this in the simplest terms, I offer the following descriptions.


Physical Body ~ the flesh, bones, blood and organs of the 3D body. It is here that we express to the world our inner vibration, the manifestation of how we manage our energies. Lowest in frequency. Regulates the body functions.

Etheric Body ~ the matrix of the Physical Body, often described as a web or grid of connecting lines of light. It is the densest of the energy systems and closest to the Physical Body. The Etheric energy system brings energy to the Physical Body to enable you to generate life experiences. Blueprint for the physical structure that it surrounds.

Emotional Body ~ where our feelings and fears reside, the place of defeat and triumph.. Also known as the Astral Body, this is where feelings are generated as varying vibrations and frequencies. Regulates the emotional state of the organism and can be volatile and unstable as we experience the polarities within ourselves.

Mental Body ~ the vehicle of thought vibrations. The lower mind is concerned with reason and logic. This is our everyday thinking and is very dependant on the orderly functioning of memory. Each thought created is stored in the Akash. This is where our thoughts are assimilated and sorted out, and it is where we house our personal truths and perceptions based on our experiences.

Spiritual Body ~ also known as the SuperConsciousness or God Mind. Deep states of meditation and reflective abstraction, contemplation, and ecstasy are experienced in this Higher Mind. It is the home of innovation, imagination, and invention, the place of Oneness and connection to Universal (God) Consciousness.

These energy bodies are integrated and they speak to one another all the time.

Many are experiencing a spiritual emergence or initiation which can be painful or frightening, but is so necessary for the soul's evolution. Often described as the Dark Night of the Soul, or Shamanic Death, this is the death and rebirth of self.

The individual can find true growth as they embark on Shadow work to integrate, shift and heal. I facilitate this process through various methods which may include Shamanic Journeys, Crystal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Soul Recreation Therapy, connecting with the your Power Animals, understanding DreamTime and more.

The key is to guide the individual in their quest to connect with their Higher Self. These sessions are available in person as well as online, through Skype or Zoom. A first consultation is always 90 mins and thereafter usually 60 to 90 minutes.


Moving into a new home? Had visitors with discordant energy? Feeling something is hindering your peace & joy? Stuck in a rut and unable to shift an area of your life? Repeated negative experiences? The sense of a "presence" in your environment, of being "watched"?  Nightmares?

Space clearing is an ancient, time-honored practice that is found in most indigenous traditions. In Western culture, we have largely disconnected from our instincts which would allow us to sense energetic imprints or patterns. Nonetheless we are living in the Field surrounded by these energies all the time, mostly without awareness. I am sure you have, at some stage in your life, walked into a room and felt "creepy", or someone you meet just doesn't gel with you. Or you feel light and energised, happy and full of optimism on being in a place or with a certain person. This is you, tuning into the vibration and frequency of the person or place, examples of perceiving something beyond our five senses.

Traumatic events and repetitive negative behaviour, emotional states and thoughts all leave an energetic imprint or vibration which can be felt as discordant or disturbing. This may manifest as poltergeist activity, ongoing ill-health, poor sleep & bad dreams, a sense of unseen entities being in your home. Left unhealed, these activities have a powerful impact on our lives and can escalate into serious health issues, mental state of mind and general dis-ease.

This is where Shamanic Space Clearing can help to shift, transmute and transform these misqualified energies. Shamans are trained to work outside the paradigms of time and space we normally perceive in this reality. Creating a well-balanced, love-filled, clear space and offering keys to self-healing and transformation will assist you greatly.

After such a session you will feel restored, balanced and in harmony with your home and body; you should have increased energy & vitality and a greater sense of peace & well-being; sleep will be more restful and you will feel more safe & secure.

Most often I work intuitively, using any number of ceremonial practices. I may also suggest other modalities, such as Soul Retrieval, once core issues have been identified. I am able to travel to your location if this is called for, but can also assist remotely, using Skype or Zoom.

Barbara Ann Brennan Auric field in 12 Ch
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Space Clearing
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