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A Key to unlock your potential. These are offered as a personalised single glyph or "phrase" which holds the vibration and energy that your Soul would recognise and integrate into your BEing. The perfect option if you are feeling into what the Cosmic Codes can do for you.  These also make great gifts!


To assist with greater focus, after processing your payment, please email as follows ~ if this is for yourself (provide your name as you are known in real life!) or as a gift then that person's name.

Awakening Seed

  • I am in service as a Hollow Bone (conduit) between you and Source and as such I interpret and share what comes through to the best of my ability, with the greatest of intention to be in Divine Service.  However this is not an exact science, therefore what is presented may or may not manifest into this reality.  Outcomes are subject to your own free will, personal responsibility, soul contracts and other such concepts.    While Spirit may offer suggestions to assist your in your journey of Inscension, it is entirely your responsibility and decision to co-create, act on and accept this information.  There are possibilities rather than certainties and no specific outcomes are guaranteed.

    Thank you for your BEing and reaching out to me!

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