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A Divinely Inspired Oracle of 44 Cosmic Codes, downloaded to Leone, also known as the Cosmic Scribe, since 2017 and created by hand. Intuitive guidance drawing on Alchemy, Gematria, the Mayan Tzolkin, Periodic Table and Numerology bringing you an easy to use navigational tool for Life.


HeartShares from Keepers of this Deck have been most inspiring ~ are you another Keeper?

The Cosmic Codes Guidance Deck

  • Printed on high quality 300gsm board, gloss laminated for durability, with a 60 page booklet on how to work with the Codes.

    Complete with a handmade, lined, plush velvet or brocade drawstring bag



  • The small 1st edition has sold out and I am now taking pre-orders for the next print run.  Cost will be between US$66 and US$88 and excludes shipping and any import/other taxes in your country.

    USA Courier is +/- US$25, other regions will be quoted individually.  Thanks for bearing with me whilst I set up my global distribution!!  It's a first for me!! 

    Should you decline due to shipping costs, I am happy to credit you the balance for any other purchases or hold your purchase until I am in Europe where shipping is less costly than from South Africa!

    Your order and payment here will secure your Deck and the balance will be due once shipping confirmed.Payment Options ~ PayPal, Wise (USA/GBP/EURO), direct bank transfer (South Africa)

    PLEASE EMAIL with any questions!


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