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Quantum Alchemist

Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves , the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God, the energies of Love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered Fire ~ Teilhard de Chardin, French Philosopher 1881 - 1955

What is Quantum Alchemy?  Have you discovered your Diamond Heart? Perhaps you have never even heard of that, but know on some deeper level that there is more to you than what you thought all this time. Perhaps you are starting to remember and uncover aspects of yourself.  "Why am I here?" is probably the most common question of my clients. "What is my purpose?"   "How can I be the very best version of myself?"


Most of us on Mother Gaia are feeling changes, not only in the way we live on this planet, but in our own world, how we BE. My explorations into Self and others have shown that there is an immutable inter-connectedness to All That Is. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. How we feel and what we do ripples out to spaces beyond our limited perception. In reconnecting to this Divine Spark/Source/God that has ALWAYS been within you, mostly just beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness, we are able to more consciously co-create and bring Heaven to Earth. It is your birthright!

My Offerings
My Approach

This is YOUR inscension to Self !

I will walk alongside you, helping to rebirth the new You

My intention is ...


To inspire and assist each individual to realise their God Essence within, to enable full reconnection to Source / God / Prime Creator / All That Is. To continually break through the barriers that are constructs of our minds and this 3D reality, in order to live to our fullest expression. To live on this New Earth in a new way. I AM dedicated to the healing and expansion of the individual and the planet. I AM Infinite Potential and so are you !


My Vision is ...

For a world where all are living as their Truest, Highest, Most Divine Selves. Love truly is the answer to all questions. I choose to see all BEings set free from the prison of their minds and the lower vibrational worlds. To take back their God-given Power

Together let us explore paths to assist you on your Soul's Journey !

About Leone

Every day I AM reborn & renewed. As I continue to grow, always choosing the Higher Spiral of Light, my gifts of Service to Others Expand!


I AM ...

Living from my Higher Heart, intending to fulfill my Soul's Mission with Love, Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty.


Learning, Shifting and Transforming each day.


I AM Transducer and Transformer in service to others !

Cosmic Codes & Earth GridWork

Light Language is the language of Heart & Soul.  This expression of our Divine Essence comes to us in many forms ~ singing, dancing, hand gestures or mudras, symbols & glyphs, frequency captures through photography or painting and so much more. 

As we all, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, experience what is commonly known as The Shift, the power of these Codes are assisting many to open to who they truly BE and their role in this grand Inscension.

I render personalised Cosmic Codes as tools to assist you in your journey to Self. They unlock your gifts and fullest potential. It is not necessary for your logical mind to understand or interpret these Codes! Your Super Conscious Mind knows

Quantum Alchemy &
Multi~Dimensional Therapy

What is Quantum Alchemy you may ask? All life, each creation, every thought is a vibration or energy signature. Consciously or not, we are creating our own reality. Our thoughts are mighty and within us is the power to transform our lives and the world as we perceive it. The Buddhists speak of the Great Perfection, or Dzogchen, in Sanskrit अतियोग

For most a difficult concept to grasp. But as we expand our minds to align with that, we can start to see and experience this truth. Whatever your belief or understanding is of a Higher Power, that is what is within us all. Accessing and co-creating with this Higher Mind is my intention as I guide you on your Journey to Self

Cosmic Resurrection

A CE5 initiative to invite PEACEFUL CONTACT with our Star Families for Co~Creation and anchoring of the Divine Plan for the Greatest Good of ALL Hue~Manity.

Why are we doing this?  Our Star Brothers and Sisters have been engaged with Planet Earth for millenia.  They are here, with us and willing to enter into a deeper connection for those who approach with a pure Heart, Integrity, Authenticity, Fearlessly and with Unconditional Love as the Foundation. I  believe as we set a CLEAR INTENTION to exchange thoughts & energies we will receive guidance to bring a Return to the Garden of Eden.

We gather both physically & etherically once a month

Shamanic Energy Medicine

In indigenous cultures the Shaman, Medicine Wo/Man, Wise One is respected for the ability to journey to non-ordinary reality states to bring healing, problem solving and awareness to the tribe

Many are experiencing a spiritual emergence or initiation which can be painful or frightening, but is so necessary for the soul's evolution. Often described as the Dark Night of the Soul, or Shamanic Death, this is the death and rebirth of Self

Beyond Quantum Healing

BQH is the next generation Quantum Hypnosis.  Inspired by the work of Dolores Cannon this profound practice allows the seeker to access their own memories, all that they have ever experienced in any lifetime.  By holding you in a safe space and guiding you to connect to your Higher Self and these memories, a life-changing healing and shift can be experienced

What is the Next Step?

There are a number of ways we can Connect, Co-Create, Heal & Shift.  I would love to hear from you, so please do be in touch!

"In every moment the Universe is whispering to you. You're constantly surrounded by signs, coincidences and synchronicities, all aimed at propelling you in the direction of your destiny"
~ Denise Linn
This is to say thank you to Leone for helping me with my son (aged 11) and my own treatments.
For my son, Leone has helped him start talking and learn to address issues and gain confidence. He has learnt that it is ok to be vulnerable and it is ok to be different and be scared.
He has gained so much confidence. Thank you so much.

Claire, South Africa 2019

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