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  • Labours of Hercules

    Monthly Energy Exchange
    Valid for 13 months
    • The Labours of Hercules
  • Fireside Stories

    Every month
    Welcome to the Hearth
    • Get comfy & listen to some stories of my Hue~man experience
    • Specials on Workshops & Other Offerings
  • Gold Stories

    Every month
    Let's Alchemise in the Cauldron
    • More stories!
    • Cosmic Code
    • Specials on Workshops & Other Offerings
  • Crystal Stories

    Every month
    As we expand and evolve even more we enter the Crystal Realm
    • Deeper Look into My Life
    • Cosmic Codes
    • Extra special reduction on workshops etc
  • The Storyteller

    Every month
    My Life Story
    • Chapters of My Book as they are released
    • Selected Blog Posts
  • The Inner Circle

    Every month
    The Whole Caboodle!
    • All blog entries
    • All chapters of my book as they are released
    • 1 x month Webinar to hang out and share
    • Specials on Workshops & Other Offerings
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