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Many of us have vivid memories of a life, or even many lives, on Atlantis.  The story of Atlantis is steeped in legend, mythology, mysticism and hidden knowledge. We can date this ancient civilisation at 100s of 1000s of years ago, if not millions, with varying epochs. I believe that Atlantis has always existed in the Higher Dimensions of Light, even now when it appears the continent was destroyed, it is much more than only a physical place on terra firma.  It was shown to me that Atlantis was predominantly a reflection of Masculine, whereas Lemuria was more the Feminine. The Golden Age of Atlantis, from around 40000 to 18000 BC achieved the highest level of Consciousness. We walked there as magnificent StarBEings, applying the most advanced forms of technology, living in Wisdom, Peace & Harmony. The Priests and Priestesses will remember working with Crystals, huge and magnificent and powerful.  As the demise of this civilisation began around 17500 BC, the land split and 2 opposing ideologies developed. One could describe these as the polarity of Light & Dark, much as we are reliving today. Poseida was the main hub of the Priesthood following the Law of One. Here there were many temples dedicated to Sound, Healing, Knowledge and more. This was also the nucleus and central hub of the Crystalline Grid and the technologies of the Arcturans had been perfected, allowing for inter dimensional travel. The opposing group are often referred to as the "sons of belial", consumed with the lust for power, control and greed. It may surprise you to know that most, if not all of us have incarnated in both groups!!  Our souls seeking to experience both the Good and the not so good! Even those whose path was one of Light were subjected to misuse of power which later contributed to the fall of Atlantis and it is these actions which we will address in this meditation.


As you take a courageous step to transmute some deeply hidden or maybe even unknown trauma from incarnations in this ancient antedeluvian civilisation, I present to you an audio file of a guided meditation as well as these images to assist with focus.  I recommend you set your intentions before doing the meditation and come with an open heart and Mind, not set on any outcome other than your deep healing. Expect the unexpected and trust your Inner Compass to guide you.  Please do reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns ~ 


Thank you and Keep Shining Brightly!

220719 Meditation to Clear the Atlantean Wound

  • This guided audio meditation is the original work and property of Anu'Shé~Ra known as Leone van den Heever.  Please respect the creators work ~ if you find value from this and wish to share to others, please would you direct them to my web site! Thank you

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