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The main focus of this Mission is the Alignment with the Royal Lyrans & StarLions to Retrieve and Activate Ancient Wisdom Held Within the Golden Apples & Sphinges.  This cosmological event takes place every year in the astrological sign of Leo. There is alignment of the Earth with Sirius, and the alignment of Orion's Belt with the Pyramid of Giza. The portal usually the opens from around 22 July and closes on 12 August. During this time there is a magnificent influx of Higher Consciousness energies and Activation Codes from Source, through the Great Central Sun which assist us to step into an even greater place of pure Divine Love, transformation and embodiment of our Divine Nature.


On this day, as called by God Source, I will be at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins to connect with and align to the Highest Dimensional Frequencies which are streaming into our Sphere.  I have a Mission Brief giving details of the historical intel received and the purpose of this activation.  This invite goes out to any who feels a resonance with this calling ~ we have a closed group of Journeyers who will take flight together on the day.  I would ask that you send me an email and tell me a little about yourself to receive the more comprehensive library of Keys & Codes.  If you are dipping your foot into this Sacred Service, a simple alignment from your High Heart, to anchor the Divine Will for the Greatest Good of all is great!  Please email for more information.


Much Gratitude!  Keep Shining!

8:8 Lions StarGate Portal ~ Aligning with Sirius & The Royal Lyrans

  • The EarthGrid Guardianship I have been gifted most often happens behind the scenes, with weeks of research, meditation and preparation, working in stealth mode, unknown, unseen yet sensed!

    Over the years, co~creating with many other individuals and groups, the Alchemy happens.  We come together for the Greatest Good of All, transmuting distortions and inharmonious energies, turning lead into Gold.  I trust in the flow and abundance of The Universe, in paying it forward.  From my deepest heart, great gratitude for your Energy Exchange!  Please use multiples of unit value as you are guided.

    Together we are doing this!!!

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