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Purchase the complete sets (22 Codes in total) of Lemurian and Atlantean Codes together with written Guidance.  These Codes are to assist with the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, harmonising and healing the traumas and cellular memories.  Brought in to make full use of the powerful Lion's Stargate (Portal) of 26 July to 12 August 2019, the energies can be accessed and applied at any time.  Remember we are not bound by the illusions of linear time!!  NOW is the Time to Shift!!!

Lemurian & Atlantean Codes to access your memories

$377.00 Regular Price
$288.00Sale Price
  • You will receive a folder via WeTransfer with the digital Codes and the Oracle for each once payment has been received.  I am happy to chat if you have insights or questions after working with the Codes. Thank you for your purchase.

  • I AM in service as a Hollow Bone (conduit) between you and Source and as such I interpret and share what comes through to the best of my ability, with the greatest of intention to be in Divine Service. However this is not an exact science, therefore what is presented may or may not manifest into this reality. Outcomes are subject to your own free will, personal responsibility, soul contracts and other such concepts. While Spirit may offer suggestions to assist your in your journey of Inscension and expansion, it is entirely your responsibility and decision to co~create, act on and accept this information. There are possibilities rather than certainties and no specific outcomes are guaranteed.  As such no refunds can be made however I am open to chat to help with any issues you may encounter.


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