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The Alchemy of Fire & Water

This is my powerful experience in 2022 of the Alchemy of Fire & Water.  It is I know, my Higher Self laying the foundations for our Sacred Service for Africa and the World.  It is deeply connected through this Golden Web we have been weaving, to the recent events in Laihuna and its antipode, Zimbabwe ~ my land of birth, then known as Rhodesia.  One is Fire, the other is Water.  As we DragonHearts say WCNMTU!!  Now our favourite catch phrase as it is so true!!  The blog entry is available in full to subscribers to The StoryTeller.  I would like to make it available as a gift to those who are connected in a Soul Group to myself and others who are creating this experience.  Should you find value in my work and wish to receive more chapters of my book as it manifests here, please use the "Gift of Love" link.  There is a coupon available to this selected group which I will share.


Enjoy and let me have your impressions!

The Alchemy of Fire & Water

  • The audio is my own, the images are credited where known, photos of the actual experience are my own and the final movie is my own, created using Wondershare!

    If you have any issues accessing material please email me directly on

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