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As we progress on this journey of our Soul, we encounter challenges along the way which are designed to help us shift that which needs healing and transformation.


We almost all carry genetic memories and imprints which affect our daily lives. When we can face these facets of ourselves and transmute the energies, we find healing not only in our own lives but I believe this ripples out to the Collective.


These Transmutational Codes, which are personalised specifically for you, are a Sacred Expression of Light Language and can assist you in playing a more conscious role in the shifts and healings you require.


After processing your payment, please email as follows ~ a recent head & shoulders photo (clear, full colour, no sunglasses or other faces!) with your name and date of birth, together with details of the issue you are currently wishing to address (e.g. I am stuck in my job, challenge in a relationship etc).  This is to give me a focus through which to connect to your Akash. The Codes come in in their own Time and cannot be rushed. I have had Codes land overnight and others that take anything from 5 to 30 days! Patience and Trust are Key!


These Codes can also be done as a gift for another. Please do ensure their agreement to share the photo and details! 

Transmutational Codes

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