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200102 Double Vajras, Mantids, White Lions, Thunderbolts and Dot Connecting, Again!

Our connectivity as Souls is a constant source of amazement to me. On New Year's Day in the Royal Lyran Project, one of our Lyrans posted about her experience with high pitched ringing in her ears as well as a first time connection to the Mantids. At the same time another shared a post about the happenings at Uluru, most Sacred Mountain of the Aboriginal people of Australia. I shared how for me this “tinnitus” was a barometer, a sign if you will, of either something I need to pay attention to, or an incoming download/activation from Source. This is a phenomenon that many of us share. Yesterday was also the day that this Warrior Womb gave birth to an incredible BEing 38 years ago, my son Kyle. It has been my intention for a few months to physically visit the White Lions about an hour from my home. Each time I wanted to go, the time did not feel right and then a few days ago Kyle was urging me and it felt so appropriate. His Soul Aspect is that of a Golden Winged Lion and he is on a very specific mission connected to this project and the Sacred Work I perform together with other amazing Souls. I spent 4 hours on the land with these magnificent creatures, although restricted to staying in my vehicle, windows closed, in a blazing 35 Degrees African midday, the connection was irrefutable. I gently drummed and chanted in Light Language when I was close to them. One of the regal males stood at the fence while I sang and he and I made eye contact. Thrilling does not fully describe the experience. I knew I was receiving Codes and activations and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be the bearer of these gifts, which will soon unfold in the physical I am sure.

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