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Walking Gently With Death

“But the Irish knew that grief could walk hand in hand with life.  “There will be tears.  Seek them out and honour them”~ Debora Geary

Today, as has been my practice for 7 years now, I remember my Bright Shining Sun, Kyle as I enter into my Sacred Temple and offer my Love in ceremony to All That Is.  I give thanks for Kyle's Life and Gift of 35 years to us in body.  I honour his transition into Higher Realms recognising this to be one of my greatest Gifts.  In this act of Love we release our Burdens of Grief and sense of loss and we see Kyle  flying even higher.  There is no separation ~ he is but  a Heartbeat, a Breath away!

There is so much to share about Kyle, his Life and his Death and this I will do in my book. I have been gathering material for that book for 20+ years and each time I take up the writing of it again, I hear my kids, Kyle & Raine saying "C'mon Ma, just do it already!!" There are precious chapters that needed to be included which I would not have written had I completed the work 10 years ago, and so yet again I witness The Great Perfection. I share some of the story in this photo collage.

Kyle told me many times of the past life memories he had as a Viking. On the day I went back home after Kyle was returned to Source in the Sacred Fire, I slept over at a dear friend. She handed me a National Geographic to read that night ~ the image on the front cover could be Kyle ~ the release of the magazine March 2017

Today 3 March 2024, Jon and I went to watch Raine & Gav at a jumping show. I know that my daughter has a double date with Grief as we pay homage to her Dad who transitioned a year ago yesterday. We have all recognised that Kyle appears to us with messages, very often in the form of Hawk, Owl, Eagle or other birds of prey. Today there were 2 kites flying overhead at the stables, which Raine spotted first. What a precious gift!! Usually there is only one ~ we recognised that Kyle and his Dad were making us aware of their presence.

There is ONLY Love & Love heals grief

If you are struggling with the acceptance of the Death of a loved one or any similar Grief (loss of a marriage, home, income etc) I am here to help you Walk Gently with Death. If you know of someone who is at end of Life phase, I offer my Gift as a Death Doula. Let's connect through email and see how I can support you.

Much Love & Gratitue

Keep Shining

Leone. |. Anu'Shé~Ra


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