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210902 FAITH not fear

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

I'd like to share a personal story that complements the Cosmic Code that landed this morning. Yesterday was a really tough day for me physically, I was completely drained, felt out of body most of the day, had some really troubling symptoms, including heart palpitations, hot/cold shivers, brain fog. These gave me flash backs to my “Dark Night of the Soul” in 1988, when I had a Spiritual Emergence with quite frightening experiences. At the time I had no resources to find what was happening to me. It was very scary and alone experience. Although I was lovingly supported by my husband, taking care of our small children as I was completely debilitated, basically bed ridden for months, I had to work through this on my own. But that is another beautiful story of victory and hope which is in my upcoming book!

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