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230825 The Temple Cats

Felines have always been a most precious part of my life. If you read the Royal Lyran Project Storybook (available on request) you will understand why!! Not only am I aware of the energies of Jaguar, Black Panther, Leopard and Lion, the Hyper~dimensional Felines are also very present for me.

Beloved domestic cats play a role in my energy work. The first time I became very aware of this was when I went to Portugal in 2010. Unexpected, however by Divine Design. For the first time in my life I met with Soul family who were performing the same kind of healing/transmutation “work” that I had been doing for many years. I never gave it a name, just got on with it!! They called it Terapia Multidimensional, exactly what it was for me! Whenever I did sessions for clients, the 2 little kittens would sit on the couch behind me, perfectly placed, facing outward, like Egyptian Temple Cats. One such session blew me away after I had taken a photo of them ~ you can clearly see that they were in their Lightbodies, as the one was luminescent to the degree that the aluminium frame of the door behind her was visible to the naked eye through her body. Astounding!! I have shared this photo with others and of course there are always the naysayers who say it was “just the lens” or the refraction of light, but IYKYN!!! Here are Teeta and Ninha doing their thing! And WTHeck is she looking at??

In one other such session we were assisting a client with very dark energies, basically generational black magic curses placed on her and her family. As my Brother and I went in through our journey method, I found myself in the blackest of night, in a dense jungle, such as in the Amazon. I walked forward, moving the plants to the side. Next minute I was aware of the powerful presence of a Black Jaguar (possibly Panther). I heard her speak to me, saying she would go in and do what was necessary to break the curses. For a moment she walked beside me, and then it was as if we merged, and I became her. I saw a camp fire ahead and jumped through it. My Human Lee (as I was still known in those days) then took a back seat. It was one of my most profound experiences, a never to be forgotten encounter. Etched in my mind much like the encounter with Leopard in the early 90s.

Now to the beloved Temple Cats here where I am furrkid-sitting in Napier, South Africa. My life over the past 14 years has been nomadic. I heard The Voice tell me to pack up my beautiful home and be ready to go where I am guided. That was quite a challenge as I was very happy, settled and comfortable with my Life. But the call which started as a Gentle Whisper eventually became a loud trumpet blast and I could not ignore it. So that is what I did. Since then, every move I make, every step I take is directed by Spirit. Not always easy, not always what I am wanting, but I surrendered long ago to Trust the Divine Plan. There is usually a carrot which gets my attention, which I then follow, only to discover someone else has eaten the carrot, and there before is a much juicer treat! I had no intention whatsoever to return to Napier where I lived 8 years ago. As much as I love the place, it was just not on my radar. So the carrot appeared and then this perfect opportunity landed in my lap to get me here.

I am sooooo grateful as it has been the perfect place for what I need in order to do my Sacred Service. I have come to realise that these to precious kitties play a significant role. The nature of my work over 35+ years has meant I encounter dark energies from time to time. I have been trained in how to deal with them. I know when they are up to nonsense and I take the necessary measures. It often happens in DreamTime. These cats know before I do and they come and lie on either side of me, like fierce protectors. One night Alex, the male, even climbed onto my chest and started kneading around my Heart Chakra. The first time he had done that – they are still getting used to me and Emma, the sister, is very cautious and does not like to be cuddled. There was definitely something afoot that night and they were absorbing energies on my behalf, transmuting and guarding.

Last night I felt them cuddled up to me, again one on either side. I saw in DreamTime how we formed the Yin Yang, the kitties as the circles within my Sphere. What a beautiful image. Beloved Temple Cats. Thank you my darlings.

I love this Yin Yang image that came up in my search today!!! Spirit has a great sense of humour as this perfectly depicts who I BE!!! A fully merged Lyran Dragon ~ with kitties by my side and all that amazing Feline and Dragon energy in my Sphere, I sleep undisturbed!

I leave this wonderful safe harbour in October and it is going to be hard to say goodbye to them ~ I love them as if they are my own. So much Love & Gratitude to their Mom & Dad, to this place, to my Highest Self who goes forth fearlessly and to Spirit.

Keep Shining!

Leone | Anu’Shé~Ra

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