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240113 Cosmic Wandering

Back in 2008 I was living in my perfect home, a double story thatch, upper floor a full studio where we would paint, on a 40ha smallholding at the very end of the dirt track ~ heavenly and most ideal for my Soul and lifestyle with 5 German Shepherds! At the time I had just, most surprisingly, ended a blissful 2 year relationship with a man who showed me that I could love again (my 28 marriage had ended 4 years earlier and I was bereft, yet relieved and determined to be on my own til my dying day!) and that I should start painting ~ a corporate IT career did not leave much time for that!

I have always been clearly guided by what I call The Voice ~ this is for me MotherFather God, Source, Great Spirit, All That Is, whatever name sits well with you. The guidance has always been impeccable and I know for my best interest, but I have had moments of resistance which teach me good lessons!! It was the last day of the month when I heard “pack up your home, put all in storage and be ready to go wherever I send you”. I resisted!!! Imagined I had not heard clearly ~ I was ecstatically happy, finally free from some others who had shared my space for a while. Life was really good, my art was selling and another little business was doing well. Why would I change it? But The Voice would not let me be. The following day was the 1st and the day I would need to give my landlord notice if I were to vacate in a month. My heart felt heavy, but I could not deny the urging of Spirit. I went to sleep, waiting on the dawn for clarity.

There was absolutely no doubt when I woke up, that I should heed the call. I tendered my notice and with courage and trust, stepped in to a new life, a very unknown future. Doors started opening, I found places to stay that were furnished and close to where I was freelancing. I surrendered a lot, accepting that at times I was called to go somewhere else. When that happened there was always a roof over my head. It was a tentative journey of trust in the beginning as I had to give up my comfort zone, be prepared to go at a moment’s notice. This meant letting go of many attachments and creature comforts. I had my car, my beloved doggies were staying with close friends and my partner in GSD breeding & training.

This was 15+ years ago. In this time I have had the most unexpected, undreamt of opportunities to travel and experience a deeper spiritual path. In 2009 doors opened to visit Portugal, for what I thought would be 6 weeks. I met my Soul Tribe there and stayed for a year. From 2012 to 2020 I was in the W Cape of South Africa, going where the strong call of Spirit took. There were supernatural Divine Interventions that directed my journey in ways I could not have imagined. In 2020 again the Soul of Portugal called me and in one of those Interventions I found myself with dear Soul Family just 4 hours before lockdown and I stayed for 3 years!! Absolute MAGIc, although it was hard to be away from my precious children through the global experiment. Thank goodness I was not in South Africa ~ this rebel would probably have been locked up for resisting the draconian BS.

Happy as anything with no plans to leave Portugal, again I heard The Voice ~ this time a strong instruction to return to Africa. Again I resisted, for some months this time, until I could no more. I thought it would be to visit my children, maybe for 6 months and then go back. I have now been here for 19 months, most blissfully and again going on Walkabout to various lands to do the Earth Gridwork, singing into the Songlines, as part of my Soul’s Mission. Always landing gently with my feet on the ground. The Call took us (my Other & I) to Zimbabwe for what has been a most expansive and healing 3 months, and also part of the initiative birthed in me back in Portugal in 2022, to Awaken the Soul of Africa.

Our time here is drawing to a close ~ we intend to leave in the first week of February 2024. We can return to the W Cape, although I have a sense that Spirit wants us back in Portugal ~ or possibly another place that I could not have imagined!! We are open and receptive to the Unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Having said all that, I am putting the word out there, planting the Seed for a longer term house sit or rental as an in~between option whilst we find our Place in the Sun and set up a permanent base again. I AM soooo ready for that, whilst keeping our options open to travel as called. It could be anywhere ~ the World is our Oyster and we will go where we must.

If you know of anything, anywhere, please connect and let’s see how it unfolds!

I AM filled with so much Joy, Peace, Love & Gratitude for my Life. It has not always been easy, at times it has been really challenging, but my Soul rests in knowing The Invisible Hand is always at my back and holding me Perfectly.

Love & Gratitude

Leone | AnuShé~Ra | The Cosmic Scribe

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