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191001 The Deep Process of Integration

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

WOW!!! I know I AM not the only one who has been feeling this incredibly powerful process of integration that we have all been going through. The last month has had me feeling so many highs and lows, in the extreme at times, but facing it all with a great sense of wonder and awe! This weekend has brought about a game changer for most of us, even if you didn't realise it!

I am even more so very much aware of myself as a multi-dimensional Being and I have been integrating aeons of life experiences, bringing into Perfect Divine Harmony, Unity & Balance, the Pillars of Wisdom, Power and Love. Some may call these the 3 Fold Flame ~ they are referred to by any number of descriptions in various cultures. This integration is not always an easy process. Finding my truth in the Pillar of Power for most remembrances of who I BE, I have never been one for what I have referred to as the “Space Cadets” who are mostly about that gentleness, Love & Light, beautiful Unicorns and Fairies, sprinkling Gold Pink dust wherever they go!! I see them, I love and respect them, but that is not me. I am about Fire, facing our darkness, being prepared to tackle it head on, fearlessly (as I have done many times, not just this time around but in most previous incarnations). I have felt extreme and intense changes, mentally, emotionally, physically, etherically and in my Higher Mind. At times thinking I am "losing it" (I am sure I did lose some things that no longer serve my Highest Purpose!) or dying (I did die to the "old self"!)

The revelation knowledge that has come to me over the last 6 weeks as I participate in a number of healing and activation transmissions, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Many Codes have come through, but I was urged to keep these in the safe container whilst we were doing the Sacred Work. Today, as we all step in to our new chosen Timelines, I feel released to share them on social media. All the Codes received in this time that I believe are for the Collective are now available to view on my Instagram account ~ The Cosmic Scribe.

I would also like to remind all readers that I offer personalised Codes for your own expansion, understanding of who you are, assisting with specific current challenges and more. These are for the most part offered at US$75 but from 10 October I will be increasing all my prices across board. South Africans please mail me for local pricing in light of our struggling local currency. Please do not allow your perception of money to stand in the way of receiving what is a life changing Code!!

The next phase of our Journey to Self starts in this NOW moment. Grab it with both hands!

I am blessed to be in Service ~ thank you!



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