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200106 A Pretty Mind Blowing Epiphany with Codes, Uluru and Crysania

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Sooo .. I was making breakfast and the next minute I was overwhelmed as I sometimes am, and started crying. But this felt raw, and real and close, as if it was affecting someone I love dearly, I thought maybe my daughter? I then went to my phone and saw a missed call from Crysania. She sounded down, and I also let her know I how I was feeling. We started talking about the Codes that Gav and I brought in and it ended up in this MOST mind blowing interpretation that gave me goosies on goosies!! Crysania received a Code on Saturday, 4th, in her words “a little, simple Code”, which she was to embarrassed to share until now. In our talking about the Codes my grandson and I brought in, she was hit with a whammy, and I was in tears. Her ”simple” little Code is sooo tied in with Uluru. I actually saw her as an old Aboriginal woman, throwing the boomerang that she received in her vision??!! Just so many synchronicities, messages and confirmations for me, and I am sure for her as well. She told me that she was concerned about her mental state, that she feels she is a burden more than anything else. This is not an unusual feeling for so many of us. The “Game” has amped up, we are called to deeper work, there is so much going on, leviathan is in its death throes. The Lightworkers who have signed up to be the Warriors of Light are needing to step up their own game. You will see from the interpretation that this is exactly what is shown in these codes. Thank you, beautiful, amazing, deeply connected Crysania ~ your work is so integral and I totally LOVE your mental state. Here are Crysania's words re Gav's Code, italics refer to elements of Leone's Code ~

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