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230320 Betelgeuse, Equinox, New Moon in Aries ~ An Alchemical Rebirth

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The Oneness Consciousness Field is all abuzz with the magnificent Celestial alignments over the next few days.

Today, 20 March at 23:24 CAT is the exact moment of the Autumnal Equinox for Southern Africa. Following close on its heel is the New Moon of Aries on 21 March. Together, I believe we as a Hue~Manity are being offered a most potent window of opportunity to step into a Bold, Bright and Brave New World, leaving behind all that does not serve our Highest Soul’s Purpose and that of all Beings on our precious Blue Dot.

It is also the Day of White Worldbridger, guided by White Mirror, in the centre of the wavespell of the Yellow Sun ~ much more support and invitation to Beauty and expansion could we ask?!

I, together with my little family, will be performing a Sacred Cacao Ceremony this evening, setting our intentions for what we would like to manifest on Earth and releasing forever into the Cosmic Violet Flame of Transmutation all that does not serve us and our One. We will together create an altar to honour all Life and give thanks for all experiences we have had, no matter how painful or frustrating, as they bring the gems which allow our Souls’ evolution.

I love that this also coincides with a wonderful course my dear Br~Other Jonathan and I launched just a few days ago, which takes us on such an evolutionary journey through the Zodiacal signs to apply the ageless wisdom of the archetypes now returning to our Consciousness. In all of us is the Solar (Soular) Hero & Heroine. May we truly accept the Gifts proffered by the gods and goddesses to empower us to live well and with purpose in this Brave New World.

Oh, and not least of my WOW factors realisation is this, from my very dear SiStar Freya ~ I have Betelgeuse in my astro chart, quite prominently. Apparently the Red Supergiant is becoming a Supernova, with a flurry of speculation occurring towards the end of 2022. If she blows, what will that look like for us ... and especially me?!! Read more here!

Let’s Keep Shining, ever Brighter!

Leone | Anu’Shé~Ra

What's your take away from this? Please share in the comments!

Mine is ~ It's all so vast and inter~connected

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