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230813 Threads Connected from 220220 ~ Fire of Maui & Water of Zimbabwe

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

When we become aware of the irrefutable inter~connectedness of everything, we have the power to tap into a Storehouse of Pure Divine MAGIc.

I have a sense of urgency to share this information which was first downloaded to me in 2022, the story of which is available here as a subscription. I will, as briefly as possible, give the key points in this open post as I know this will bring Keys & Codes for the reader. In a personal shamanic journey and then some days later an actual physical experience, I was taken into a deep well in Portugal, overcoming my very brief but present fear, to climb down a somewhat rickety ladder to rescue a Fire Salamander. I checked in with Spirit thoroughly if this what was I was meant to do and it was a resounding yes. At the time we, as a group of WisdomKeepers were working with Water/emotions and I was guided to the Alchemy of these two elements.

The world is abuzz with what has been happening in Hawaii, many starting to connect dots and raise eyebrows when they see the Bigger Picture. The people are rising up and coming together in a refusal to have their sovereign rights sabotaged by the 1%. Hawaii is the antipode of Zimbabwe, ravaged by Fire in the most bizarre circumstances. That this started on 8:8 Lions' Gate Portal cannot be overlooked?? On this very day a precious group of GridWorkers were on Mission to anchor in the Divine Plan for all life, with a special focus on Africa (an initiative to awaken the continent, but more on that later) and specifically Southern Africa, my homelands. At the very same time, J, in this group, contacted me out of the blue a few days prior, feeling she needed to to let me know she was going to Lake Kyle this weekend and did I have any message for her. This was before Hawaii broke.

There are some very significant personal connections here ~ my son in Higher Realms is Kyle and he has been ever so present in my Field and Sacred Service for 6 years. A few of us in this group were on the land at Great Zimbabwe Ruins on 8:8 last year, performing ceremony for the Lions’ Gate Portal. This was my first visit to my land of birth in 46 long years! It was a journey of redemption and transmutation. The group has been connected again, in various ways/groups for this Lions’Gate and all are feeling so strongly the energies & unfolding that has not abated since even before the Portal. Zim Lake = Water ... Hawaii Lahaina = Fire.

Contemplate this significance!

Also in the activation/ceremony we did for 8:8, the previous weeks were bringing into our awareness the medicine of the Mole through a few individuals. What does a Mole do? Burrows deep into the Earth. If she had to go straight from Zim through the planet she would come out in Hawaii??!! These are energetic clues for us. There was also the energy of Moth. Here it was clear to us that we have similar medicine from these 2 creatures, one that is in the deep earth and the other of the Air ~ just had an AHA moment right now ~ this is bringing all 4 main elements together!!! What is the medicine? Mole ~ The gift Mole teaches, is how to use our own senses wisely. How honed are your senses? It is important to dive below the surface of whatever circumstances are bothering you. Try and get a sense of what is going on beneath whatever you can see. Are you able to trust in your own sight, smell, touch or taste, over the opinions or judgements of others? Do you trust your own insights or instincts? It is important to know how to listen and understand the information your senses give to you, so that you may turn a mismatch of knowledge into wisdom and nourishment. Moth ~ Moths are active during the night, signifying the importance of intuition and trusting your inner wisdom. They encourage us to face our fears and embrace the unknown. Moths are drawn to light, symbolizing the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and the desire to be guided by higher power or wisdom. Moths are seen as omens of change or transformation and are recognised as messengers from the Spirit World Both obviously active at night?!

There are so many other Golden Threads that are being woven together, for now this is what I have been guided to share and I AM sure more will come to Light in coming days. There is the call to dissolve opposites, bring them together into One! Mmmmm???!!! Please, as always, apply your own discernment and Inner Compass to guide you. May we BE the Divine Plan in action, bringing Redemption and Perfection for ALL Life everywhere.

Much Love & Gratitude

Keep Shining

Leone | Anu’ShéRa

What's your take away from this? Please share in the comments!

Mine is ~ MAGIc is everywhere if you are prepared to see it

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