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190705 A Dream Was Birthed ~ The Royal Lyran Project

In June 2018, some 10 months after receiving my first Cosmic Codes, I had a Divine Encounter which birthed in me the Royal Lyran Project. My initial understanding was that this would be to specifically assist a San Bushmen family and to preserve ancient Sacred Wisdom. As the project has evolved it has developed into so much more.

180623 1804 Call of the Lion Shaman

We each have a Divine Soul's Mission for our embodiment on this planet, Mother Gaia. You may or may not be aware of what your mission is, but when you do become fully aware and align yourself with it, there is an indescribable peace and joy. I have been told, via a number of unrelated sources, that I carry within my body, the vibration of Cosmic Codes which need to be anchored on Earth, for individual and planetary evolution. In the first days this was quite daunting and overwhelming. I think we all ask those questions, "why me?", "can I possibly even begin to do this?", "this is too big!". I have a healthy sense of Self and I have lived fearlessly for so many years, having experienced, come through and grown from a number of "Dark Nights of the Soul." But it is these very experiences, perceived as potentials to destroy, that have made me who I am today. The still, quiet Voice within reassured me that, "YES! You Can. You Shall! You are fully supported in every way".

And so I took the first tentative steps, asked for a Cosmic Code to seed the project and put that out there to send a clarion call to other Souls who I knew were just waiting to combine their efforts and fulfill part of their Soul's Mission.

180823 1411 StarLion Activation Key

We are a group of 17 individuals, each with their own beautiful and unique gift. We do Sacred Energetic Work to assist Mother Gaia with her own Ascension, and all on her. This entails intuitive creating of Grids, other expressions of Light Language, working with Crystals, holding Space, activating Vortices and Portals, acting as Guardians and GateKeepers of such portals, to heal, consume & transmute discordant or malevolent energies, and transform ley lines into the New Earth. We are assisting in activating the Diamond Heart within all. Up until now I have been guided to keep this project within a Sacred Container rather than having all aspects of it on the open platform.  If you are hearing the Clarion Call please send me an email and I will share the full Storybook.

This is my passion and my greatest joy ~ to be in service to others, dedicated to fulfill the Divine Will & Purpose.

Much Love & Keep Shining!


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